Thursday, July 19, 2007

Things that make me smile and laugh.

I have been on Weight Watchers for 8 weeks now. My sweet 5 year old Cameron, who is brutally honest told me the other day that he thought I looked skinny. Keep in mind, this is the same child who told me that I should do Nutri System whenever he saw the commercials on TV. :)
Jon and Mandy have been staying with us while Skip and Caelan have been gone on a missions trip. They came home last night, later than then the other nights and again Cameron meets them at the door and says, "where have you been?" with much emotion. Jon or Mandy then heard him and Colby talking about Colby being able to do flips off the diving board. Cameron asks him is he has been doing them since before he was born. Colby says "no, just since last week when you were 5" It is probably funnier to hear than to read. :)

Thankful to have Jon and Mandy here so I can go and walk every morning. Great to have the company!!

Skip will be home on Sunday. Absence does make the heart grow fonder. Not that I could be anymore fonder of my soulmate but I sure do miss him. Can't wait for him to get home.

Pray for him, Caelan and the others who are on the trips and their safe return home. Also, that God would bring Himself glory through these trips.

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